Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Most Amazing Fireworks

What a great way to end a great week!
On the 4th of July, we went in to
Heber (of course, where else?) for the
most amazing firework show ever. Okay,
I might be a tad bit bias since I did grow
up there, but really it is such a fantastic
time had by all. It is so great to see old
friends, enjoy the music, maybe go up and
dance a little Micheal Jackson's Thriller
in front of lots of people, enjoy the cool
weather, and top it off with a spectacular,
canyon surrounded fireworks show. This
year there was an insane amount of people
there. There always are a lot of people
but this year they closed the parking off
because there were too many people. It
is great that so many people come to enjoy,
but I do get more and more sad each year
because with the amount of people that
come, less and less Heber folks come out
to join in the festivities. Which results in
us not being able to see as many old friends,
but we did still see some good ones.


Lisa said...

Sad we had to come back at all. I was comment on your mullet blog but I didn't think you would see it. That was hilarious

Joe and Mariah Baca said...

It was awesome seeing you and your adorable little family in good ol Heber!

loving life with livie said...