Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's All About The Panties

Oh how we love our pantie girl!!
This is the outfit Mallory prefers
to wear about 99% of the time, much
to my dismay. I really do try to
keep clothes on her but two minutes
later they are mysteriously missing.
I don't mind too much when we are
just chillin' at home. Most of the
time we don't experience any pantie
incidents anywhere else( besides of
course at aunt Lisa and aunt Kathy's
houses) however, I do have one
funny story to share about Ms. Pantie.
All week in Pintetop everyone was
laughing at how much she was in her
panties and how quickly she would get
her clothes off. This is a very common
occurrence for me so I didn't think it
was too funny but then we were at the
fireworks on the baseball field around
many people, I was video taping Lilly
so innocently playing when I noticed
Mallory rolling around in a blanket.
She is known to entertain herself
interestingly so I start to video tape her.
Her little head pops out and I say "what
are you doing crazy?" Then off comes the
blanket and she has her clothes stripped
off and is once again in her very favorite


Chamberlain family said...

and that stinkin cute hair!

Lee said...

Hey, just clicked a link from Kathy's and thought I saw my own child. Wylee runs around in his underwear all the time!! Isaac's sister hated it! I'm like you, it's whatever. :)

p.s. It's Alicia, Kathy's friend. Hope it's not creepy that I just did some blog stalking. ha

cassy said...

WOw! she is so big! Time goes by too fast!
What a cute girl...hopefully she grows out of this face before she's a teenager!
at this point in time, with potty training I wish miya would wear a dry diaper around the house like that. I would be completely fine with miya doing that if only it stayed dry!!!!

cassy said...

oops "dry panties" not diaper!

Joe and Mariah Baca said...

Hilariously cute of her...