Thursday, August 6, 2009

2009 Westbrook Reunion

This year for our family reunion, we
went up north to Bear Canyon Lake. It
is so pretty and relaxing (despite the 1
mile hike down and back up a rocky
mountain to get to the lake with two
small children).

This year was Uncle Kim's year to be
in charge and they did such a great job.
They had little different booths where
the kids could earn tickets and then
go to the country store booth and buy
things with their tickets. Mallory and I
helped tie a quilt to earn tickets.

At another booth, some of the girls were
rag tying hair so Mallory got hers done.
It looked so cute and went perfectly with
her camping face. She looked like a little
rag doll. Camping is Mallory's dream.
She loves to get dirty, explore, and have
some freedom. Not to mention spending
the weekend with her cousins. Lilly did
better than expected. She is a really light
sleeper so I was so nervous about the
nights but we got a bigger tent this year
so we had room for a pack-n-play and
a room separator. She did pretty good.
All except for the night that the next camp
over decided to have a what seemed to be
90s heavy metal party and played their
thrasher music until the wee hours of the
morning. I almost marched myself down
there until I remember that I am an almost
30 year old mother of two and they are
most likely a bunch of wasted guys. Not so
much a good idea. So I restrained myself,
but believe me I wanted to give them a piece
of my mind. (I really am a 30 year old mom)

Somebody made herself at home.

Look at those filthy little camping

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Joe and Mariah Baca said...

looks fun. you have yourself the coolest family ever!