Friday, July 10, 2009

What a wonderful difference 30 degrees makes

We got to spend a week in Pinetop
and what a fantastic, much needed
treat that was. Cory's parents
were so great to let my family use their
cabin. They should definitely take
pleasure in the joy everyone got out of
it. So again a big thank you!!

It was so fun the things we got to do
with having the cool weather and the
option of being outside. In the evening
we played games like Red Rover, and
Red Light- Green Light on the golf
course. We had so much fun until we
had to stop because some of the kids
were getting hurt by the adults in full
speed Red Rover mode. Sorry kids, that
game gets pretty intense.

Bryan and Amy tipped us off on this
wonderful little 'crick' with some
picnic tables close to the cabin. After
finishing up a mean game of croquet, and
waiting out the drizzle, we got together our
picnic, hopped in our cars, stopped at a
little reservation convenient store (which
by the way had a 12 pack of soda for $6.99
warm $7.99 cold; really $1 more for it to be
placed in the fridge instead of just outside it?)
and we were on our way. We ended up first
driving about 5 miles out of the way, but
none of us seemed to mind since the drive
was beautiful and most of the kids got extra
time on their nap. We almost hit a few cows
that were crossing the road, one we really
would have if we didn't have an awesome
passenger seat driver when our driver was
busy taking in the scenery, ha ha. (I won't
mention your name Cory) No, all joking aside
we really had an awesome time. It was so great
to watch the cousins play together. It was
just so simple and beautiful.

I love to just stop and watch this
girl (especially when my memory is
enhanced with a camera) and wonder
what is occurring in her too quick for
me to keep up with mind. She found
two sticks and was getting them wet
and twirling them in her hair. She was
so focused on her task at hand, that
task making me wonder where she
comes up with these things since I not
so often twirl wet sticks in my hair.
She is so creative and curious, it makes
me sometimes wish I had her brain.
She is awesome!!

This little missy had a blowout in her
pants so I improvised and took the
pillow case off the pillow we had in our
car to cover her with. It was a little chilly.


Grandpa Nelson brought bubbles
for the kids and that being one
of Mallory's favorite things, she
thoroughly enjoyed herself. Kalli
is such a good cousin to Mallory and
always helps her with everything.
Mallory loves, loves, loves her Kalli.

If it involves water you better believe
Mallory will be all about it.
Sheri brought up her blow up pool
and the kids had fun splashing around
in it.

Mallory was attempting to do somersaults
down an air filled slide. It was great

After the kids were all done, Mallory came
and said in the sweetest little voice "tode
mom, towel please"

Just Plain and Simple 'Playing'

I can't even explain the joy at this
moment, but I will try.
The stars just starting to come out,
the cold, clean air, all the kids laughing,
guys playing a what they called 'all star'
game of croquet (aka: not letting any
girls or kids play except Brendon and
Blake which see themselves as adults
now), and watching cousins run around
with not a care in the world while
bonding. The only joy i didn't have
in the moment was trying to take pictures
in the semi-dark without using the flash.
Natural light pictures are indescribably
better. So what I was left with were kinda
dark, kinda blurry pictures but oh well, I
still captured the moment.


Thatcher family said...

How incredibly fun Julie!! We could all use a summer like that!!

loving life with livie said...

what a blast, huh! cute pictures!

thanks again, WILSON'S. we had such fun!