Monday, March 23, 2009

Too Many Photo Ops?

So I am starting to wonder if I take too many
photo ops because Mallory is starting to say,
"hode pease, picher pease, or cama pease, see
pease" which if you don't understand toddler
talk she is asking to hold Lilly, for me to take a
picture please or sometimes it is to get the camera
please and to see it please. It is the cutest thing.
I guess she is just really used to me taking pictures
of them.


Lisa said...

I love that middle picture, so cute!

Tonja said...

No, please keep taking pics of your beautiful girls. I love visiting your site once or twice a week to see if there are any new pics of the girls - best way for me to see them grow!! Love to all, Aunt Tonja