Friday, March 20, 2009

California---We Love This Place!


Disneyland was awesome! First off we
found Mallory a new best friend. I'm not
going to lie, anytime I ever saw a little
kid on a leash I have to say it seemed a
little cruel, but I was way too scared of
losing her (since she is very much a wanderer)
so I decided to get this little backpack. It
is a monkey so we just said the leash was
its tail. Mallory loved it and had no problem
with us holding on to her and it was sooo
awesome that we didn't have to stress the
whole time about where she was or lock
her in the stroller. She loved being able to
walk around on her own. I also told Kathy
about the backpack discovery so she got
them for her boys too. It was so cute, all our
little ones on leashes and I didn't care if people
thought it was sad it sure made Disneyland a
better experience for all of us.

Mallory loves the movie Bugs Life so it
was fun to go to Bugs Land. She had fun
and she really liked the 4D movie. It was
so cute she reached out to try to touch the

Notice the no pants on Lilly, yeah, that
would be because she had a major
blowout. It was so totally awesome except
that it wasn't at all and the timing was the
worst. I knew that she needed her diaper
changed so we grabbed a diaper and wipes,
parked our stroller and went with everyone
else to get in line for the Pirates ride.
However when I took her pants off to get
ready to change her I realized that it was
going to be more than a simple diaper change.
It was all over her pants. So while standing in
line (and you might be saying to yourself 'wow
that's nice and white trash' but what can
you do) with Lisa holding her head and arms,
I changed her. Usually her diapers are a two
wiper, sometimes I can get away with one,
but this one was about a ten wiper. Let's just
say that luckily someone had hand sanitizer.
Needless to say, as a result, Lilly was left
with no pants.
Another thing Mallory really loved is
all the treats that her cousins shared
with her.

Mallory had so much fun with her
cousins and it was so nice the second
day to have older cousins there to help.
Kenny helped so much with Lilly.

Someone was worn out.

One of the best times Cory and I had
there was when we took Mallory on the
Autopia ride. Lisa watched Lilly so we
could both take her which was awesome.
We had a blast. We let Mallory drive. I
know, sounds a little frightening right? She
did so good. Cory pushed the gas pedal
while she made the turns, somewhat, and I
got it all on video tape.

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Tonja said...

Disneyland is the best place ever!! Mallory, my favorite was the Buzz Lightyear ride but I'll have to check out Bugs Life next time I go with Uncle Jud!