Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Did It!!

Mallory is a big girl now, YEAH!! She was
on and off with potty training. She would
choose when she wanted to be potty trained
and when she wanted to wear a diaper, not
to mention when she would try to change
her own poopie diaper. So I decided that
when we got back from our California trip
we were done with diapers. A couple weeks
before we left and while we were gone I
talked to her about it and I would ask her
"Mallory, what happens when we get back
from our trip?"and she would say "No mo bipers"
(Translation: No more diapers). So the day after
we got home I put her in panties and haven't
gone back since. She is doing really good. At first
she had a few accidents but not anymore. I can't
believe our girl is growing up. I'm excited and sad
for a second (until I remember I don't have to
change two poopie bums anymore then I'm just
excited not at all sad.)


Tonja said...

Yeah, Mallory! You've joined the Big Girls!! Congratulations, Aunt Tonja

cassy said...

Yay! For Mallory!! I cannot wait for that day!!!

Lisa said...

woohoo for no more too close to adult poops

loving life with livie said...

i loved her little pantied bum the other night. Ü

Aunt Tiff said...

Isn't it a great day when they finally accomplish potty training!! You have adorable kiddos!!!