Friday, October 16, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More so I should say 'I'm finished,
Yea!!!!!!!!!' 26.2 miles. So I always
said some day I want to run a marathon,
and that someday came and past. My
friend Tiersa talked me into running
the St. George marathon with her. Now
that it is over I can say that I am really
glad I did it. It wasn't even the actual
marathon that I am glad is over, it is the
getting up at 3:30 in the morning (it still
being hot outside) to run 3+ hours every
week. There were many ups and downs
through the whole thing but for sure
I am happy that I did it. My goal was
to do it in 4 hours and I finished at 3
hours and fifty eight minutes. The
course was crazy. There was probably
not even a couple miles of
flat ground. It was either up or down.
Which surprisingly the down was the
hardest for me. There is just no way to
train for those hills when you live here
and that down is hard on your body. I
don't usually have knee issues but on the
first big down hill which was at mile 3 my
knees started hurting. The whole run
was quite the roller coaster. At some miles
I would be thinking 'this is awesome I feel
like I could run forever' and not even 2
miles later I would be thinking 'why would
anyone actually volunteer to do this to
themselves and pay money for it?!!' The
last two miles were especially emotional. I
would picture my husband and kids yelling
for me as I came in, seeing the finish line and
I would almost get teary eyed. However, the
reality ended up being that these pictures
were reenacted because there were so many
people there and coming into the finish line,
and Cory didn't know what I was wearing
plus he was trying to deal with the girls so
he missed taking pictures of me and missed
cheering for me. I wasn't too mad because
I know that he was pretty bummed about
missing me and there was just a lot going
on. So when we were walking back to our
car I decided to jump back on and get a few
pictures for memory sake. It was a couple
hours after I finished but there were still
people coming in so I couldn't go to
the actual finish line.
So it's done and now the question remains...
check it off the list or do it again? I'm willing
to bet it will be the latter but we shall see.


Tricia said...

You did AWESOME!! I have to say I was satisfied running one but this year I found myself a little jealous and all day wondering where I would be on the course! I would say I would run one with you but I don't want to eat your dust!


Great accomplishment. We are all proud of you and what you did. You are a great mom and did quit a job. Congratulations. Papa

Emily Wilson said...

Julie congratulations! That is amazing. You worked so hard for this...I am so proud of you :)