Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is Mallory's first day of preschool!
Ms. Lisa's preschool.

This is Mallory's second first day of

The story behind that is.... well since
before Mallory was even born, I knew
what preschool she would be going to.
Why you say? Because she was going to
go to Ms. Lisa's preschool, aka aunt Lisa,
my sister Lisa, best preschool teacher I
know Lisa, the preschool teacher I felt
completely comfortable sending my baby
off with Lisa. I was so excited about her
getting to go to Lisa's preschool. She has
been running it for 9 years now and I
have seen the whole 9 years and always
planned on her teaching my kids.
However now I send my baby off on a
bus every morning, to a whole school full
of people I don't know and a teacher I
barely know. No don't get me wrong I
am really excited about it now, it's just not
what I planned on. So Mallory has always
been a pretty quiet one. She talked more
to me at home than anywhere else and
hardly said a word to anyone else. So at
just over two years old I got her evaluated
for speech therapy and she didn't qualify.
So I thought everything was good, but just
over two and a half she still wasn't talking
as much as she 'should be' so I called the
Gilbert schools evaluation and of course
the run around shpill they said well we
like to do it closer to their birthday so call
back in about three months, so I did...more
run around garb but she finally got
evaluated and qualified for preschool. I
had really mixed emotions about this. I
was really excited for the therapy but so
sad and scared to send her to school
everyday and put her in other people's care.
I was also really happy that she would
have something to stimulate her everyday
because that girl's mind is sooo active she
has so stay busy all the time, so I knew it
would be good for her. Her new teacher's
name is Ms. Donna and she is super nice.
The bus comes and picks her up everyday
at 8:10 and she is just so excited to get on
that bus. In fact one day we missed the bus
so I had to take her (a whole two minutes
around the corner to the school and she was
not a happy camper). The bus driver and
aide are so super nice too. The first day we
sent her off on the bus, Cory and I stood there
and watched them drive off, her little face so
excited yet apprehensive and unaware
of what was really going on, and the second
we shut the door, I of course cried like a

This solidifies the fact that she is
definitely not a baby anymore.
She is such a big girl now and it
is scary how fast it went.



Such a big girl. Love the pictures. She will learn and grow so much in little time. She is so bright that things will be easy for her. I love that girl. Give her hugs and kisses for me.

Tonja said...

Mallory is such a lucky girl to have such an awesome mom (and dad too!) She will take all that energy (and love) and be all kinds of wonderful!! Hugs and much love, aunt tonja