Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth Of July

Mallory was worn out after the parade
and the park. She took a nap on me and
this is what her hair looked like after.

Waiting for the fireworks
We went to Heber for the Fourth of July. We go every year and we love it there. This year we all rented a cabin (all being my whole family). We had so much fun! The cabin was fun and the cousins really liked staying together. Everything went really well, except for a little incident that involved Arlo and Waylon locking themselves in Jake and Kathy's truck, at the lake while it was raining and all of us standing around it for 2 hours trying to get it unlocked. The keys were in the truck with them and we kept trying to get them to push the buttons. Thankfully we got them out. It's a story to remember. Mallory loved the fireworks. She sat on my lap and just stared.

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