Thursday, August 7, 2008

Westbrook Family Reunion

We had our annual Westbrook family reunion.
Every year a different member of my mom's
family is in charge of a camp out. Cory and I
haven't been able to go for the last two years
so it was nice to be able to go this year. Since we
haven't been for two years that obviously means
that Mallory has never gone. It was her first time
camping and she loved it. That is definitely her idea
of fun; getting dirty (which she accomplished for sure),
having freedom to run around (with supervision),
and lots of kids to play with. We had a pretty good
time.It was kind of hard for me because our tent is
small and I am pregnant. Enough said. We had a
queen size blow up mattress so it took up the whole
tent. We had just enough room to make Mallory
a little bed right by me and our bags were right
at her feet. So everything I did (changing her diaper,
getting her ready for bed, etc.) was on the blow up
mattress and it was really hard to balance myself.
I felt like I just had to roll myself around. It was
quite awesome. Other than that it was enjoyable.
(well except for the stinky port-a-johns, but that
just comes with camping)

We made tie die shirts for an
activity. They turned out cute
but Mallory's was a little (a lot)
too small.

It got pretty hot during the day so we
drove and found this little creek. The water
was pretty cold but the kids didn't seem
to care. They had fun.

We brought Mallory's little electric
quad. She loves it and especially out
there doing some off roading. Waylon
and Arlo loved it too but Mallory is
really good at sharing so it worked out.

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