Thursday, May 8, 2008

Relaxing In Mexico

We went to Mexico with the Wilson fam for Cinco De
Mayo. They have a triathlon there every year and Cory
and Shawn did it this year. I was planning on doing it
too but instead I got pregnant, yeah! We had so much
fun and now I think it is going to become a Wilson
annual trip.
AHH, doesn't that look great?!!

Mallory LOVED the beach. It was so awesome to
watch her. As soon as she saw the water she just
ran and didn't stop running. It was hilarious, she
would run down laughing and screaming until the
wave would come up then turn around and run up
laughing and screaming. I just had to run after
her with the camera hoping to get some good

Mallory and Tate had fun together. In the car
they got to watch the Wiggles the WHOLE way
and I got to sit right in the middle,woo hoo!

Mallory and Tate found a good way to
pass time while waiting to see their daddies
in the triathlon.

We went swimming a lot at the hotel pool
which meant no good nap time which also meant
Mallory falling asleep on me everyday in the pool.
It was so sweet. I love getting to hold her while
she is sleeping because that is about the only
time she sits still long enough for me to hold her.

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