Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Isn't she the cutest little mermaid ever?!!

This year for Halloween Mallory wanted to
be the Little Mermaid. I found one costume
at the store and bought it but it wasn't
super exciting so I went to Joannes Fabric
store and found this awesome green fabric
perfect for a fin! So I decided to make one
instead. It was really fun making it and Mallory
loved it! Of course we had to complete the
ensemble and spray paint her hair red too!
The only hard part about it was trying not to
be too worried about getting the costume
dirty and letting her join in all the fun.
(for example: bobbing for chocolate donuts)

We had a little party in my sister, Lisa's back
yard and had the BEST time!! We did a little
house of horrors, bobbing for donuts, dancing, etc.
It was really such a blast and of course Mallory
fully enjoyed herself with some of her favorite
things (getting dirty and being with her cousins)

Lilly was our little angel this year
and the cutest little angel too!!
She didn't really know or care too
much about what was going on but
she was a trooper.

We also went to a party at my
friend Tiersa's house and we
pulled together some last minute
costumes. 80's rocker chicks yeah!!!

Mallory, Arlo and Waylon trick-o-treating

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