Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She's The Big Three!!!

We had a fun little party this year
for Mals. We kept it pretty low key.
There was quite the bunch of kids
here but still low key. We had cake,
opened presents then went swimming.
Mallory had a blast of course. Kids
and swimming, some of her favorite
things. It was pretty dang cute, a
month or two ago I told Mallory when
her birthday was so when anyone
asked her she would say "Audist thirdy
firs" Then a couple weeks before she
just thought that everyone she was
around needed to know when her birth-
day was so she would just randomly
say to people "Mals (she refers to herself
as Mals) ... Mals birtday Audist thirdy firs."

I went experimental with her cake.
The theme was Little Mermaid so
I made her this Ariel coming out of
the water on the rock scene cake. I
didn't test it out beforehand so I just
hoped for the best. I don't think I
quite got the best but I think it turned
out not too shabby. It served it's


Tonja said...

I'm so impressed with your cake and glad you jumped in to do it yourself!! It looks wonderful and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it too. Love to all, aunt tonja

Joe and Mariah Baca said...

look out betty crocher!! way fun cake! happy birthday to mallory!


Loved the pictures. And am I impressed with the cake attempt. It looks great to me.

Love you all,
Grandma Wilson

Aunt Tiff said...

She is so cute!! Love your cake!