Friday, June 5, 2009


So Cory grew out his hair probably
the longest he has since we were dating.
We couldn't agree on how his hair should
be, he wanted it long, I wanted it short,
so this is how we compromised. So totally
awesome right? Ha Ha! I'm kidding but
really how sweet is this mullet. I was
cutting his hair and since i don't really know
how to cut hair (we always say it is the
pull and cut method, I pull it and cut it,
simple as that.) so I started in the back
middle part of his head and worked
my way up and saw something fantastic
occurring. I kept going and as I did I
started chuckling, mind you Cory couldn't
see what was going on, so he kept asking
what was so funny. I finished my
masterpiece and said "K, take a look."
Needless to say, we both got a dang good
laugh. He was a good sport about it too
when I busted out my camera and said
this is definitely blog worthy.


Tonja said...

Good thing he's a handsome young man!

Thatcher family said...

LOL!!! HOLY CROW~glad you didn't keep that! ;)