Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wet N' Wild

Mallory and her cousins, Arlo and Waylon
love playing outside but this time was
especially fun. Kathy got out the hose for
Arlo to spray and off came Mallory's clothes
in two seconds. Anything that has to do with
water she is on board. So Arlo starts spraying
Mallory thinking he will get a reaction and
get in trouble. Little did he know Mallory
loved everything about it. It was so funny
to watch him spray her and you could just see
it in his little head thinking 'really you don't
care that I am spraying you right in the head
and face with this cold water, I can really just
do this?'

Waylon wasn't so sure about anything
to do with the water but when he saw
that he could spray Mallory too, he wanted
to join in.

They had so much fun and we were
left with wet panties and some good


Thatcher Family said...

How fun! That's crazy Mallory let them spray her in the face!! I bet those boys loved that! :P

The Farnsworth Family said...

How cute is your blog?