Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mallory's Favorite Things #5

Mallory loves, loves, loves her dolls!
Especially her babies. She is such a great
mommy to them. She puts them to bed
in Lilly's crib, gives them bottles, puts them
in Lilly's chair with a bib and a bowl and
spoon. Oh and the funniest is when she
puts them in the corner in time out and tells
them they are in trouble. It is so cute. Another
thing she does is when we are leaving the
house and I say she can't take her baby with
her (because trust me she would take them
with her everywhere if she could) so she
gives her a kiss and tells her she loves her,
and tells her we will be back in a minute.
I absolutely love seeing her with her babies.

Grandma Nelson (my mom) made all these
cute clothes for Mallory's dolls and surprisingly
she leaves them dressed so thank you grandma
for no more naked dolls.


Lisa said...

That first picture reminds me of ET when he's hiding from the mom in the closet. Very cute.

Tonja said...

Mallory has a wonderful model for being a mommy to her babies...too cute and nice clothes for baby dolls!!