Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's A Good Thing We Love You!!

Terrible twos, crazy twos, insane twos... whatever
you want to call them, they have been hanging
around our house lately. Mallory we love you, but
let's just say you haven't been testing my patience
lately, you have been flunking it. Ha, Ha. That was
really corny. Okay, It hasn't been as bad as I'm
making it sound (or has it?) Here's just a few of the
things Mallory has done over the past couple of
weeks: #1-dumped a full trash can in the toilet,
which resulted in me fishing out bobby pins, fishy
crackers, and lots of other stuff. #2-poured baby oil
(that I didn't even know was in Lilly's closet) on the
carpet. #3-squeezed desitin on the carpet. #4-used
a drawer in the kitchen to climb up on the counter and
got in the cupboard that we keep all the medicine in.
#5-climbed in Lilly's crib with Lilly while I was in
another room. #6-As you can see in the pictures,
drew all over herself with markers. Mallory is just a
very busy, and curious girl to say the least. She keeps
our life interesting and we love her!

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TRICIA said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. WOW what a post. I am so glad that you blogged!! I can't get enough of your girls. Keep posting!