Thursday, October 30, 2008

Waiting For The Big Moment

Here it is and here's how the story went: So I
was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday
morning. I didn't get a call on Tuesday night
so I thought things were looking pretty good.
We put Mallory down at my sister, Lisa's house
that night because we had to get up early and go.
So in the morning we got up at 6 am and started
eating breakfast then we got the dreaded call.
The phone rang and I was instantly upset, having
flashbacks of being on the waiting list with Mallory
for six days. So they said all their beds were full
and they would call me when one opened up.
Long story short, we waited all day for the call,
doing some serious walking. The later it got in
the day the more nervous I got because the next
day both of my sisters had to work so the timing
was going to be bad. It got late enough that I
finally decided that even if they called that night
I wasn't going to go in because we put Mallory to
bed and Tiersa talked me into going to volleyball.
Well they ended up calling at 11:15 to tell me to
come in. I didn't answer the phone and I just
called back in the morning. I talked to one lady
and she said I could come in and then 5 minutes
later another lady called back and said they were
actually full so I couldn't come in. Needless to say
I was really irritated. The phone call ended up
waking Mallory up so I took her on a walk to the
park. When we got home I finally got a call back to
come in so we hurried and got ready, dropped
Mallory off at Tiersa's and headed to the hospital.
After all the irritation, the timing actually worked
out very well. Everyone was able to be there and
we had a good time hanging out. This is everyone
that was in the room with us to welcome Lilly. I
love my family so much and thank them for all
the support.


Cara said...

I didn't even know you were pregnant. I have seen pictures of you on Tiersa's blog & you can't even tell. Congrats! She's beautiful.

loving life with livie said...

what a great time i just had reliving that great day with you & lilly. thanks for letting me be in there with you. i loved it!

love ya!