Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sisters Meeting

Needless to say, Mallory and Lilly meeting
for the first time was really emotional for me.
Mallory was a little freaked out because when
she walked in everyone was standing around
watching her, taking pictures and I was in a
hospital bed hooked up to wires and bawling.
She kept looking at me saying "mommy sad?"
It was really sweet, although she was a little
reluctant to come to me. That was hard. It
only lasted for a little while and Cory enjoyed
it because she was choosing him over me for
a change. (She's a mommy's girl.)


Thatcher Family said...

Totally understand that! When Brooke met Scott at the hospital someone else was holding him. When she met him at home, with me holding him, she freaked. I started crying. It was hard. It gets easier! :) I totally understand! Brought back memories..

Tonja said...

You are truly blessed with two lovely girls. We love you all, Aunt Tonja