Monday, October 6, 2008

Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas this weekend
with the Wilson crew. It was fun.
Cory's dad goes to an optometry
convention there so we all go for a family
trip. I was a little nervous going because I
really didn't want to go into labor there
and we did a lot of walking, but everything
turned out okay. I got so many stares, walking
around Vegas that pregnant. It was like I was a
freak show. It was pretty funny. We pretty
much just relaxed and hung out. One of the nights
Cory's parents watched the kids and Amy, Bryan,
Heather, Shawn, Terri, Cory and I went
out to dinner. It was nice and the kids
had fun (I don't know how much fun it was
for Cory's parents). Then the next night
we went to one the after parties. We were
all planning on going but we got there and
they wouldn't let kids in because it was a
night club so we were going to go in shifts
but then they said we had to have our IDs
and Terri's was at the hotel so her, grandpa
and grandma, and Amy took the kids to eat
and the rest of us stayed. I felt really bad
having them watch Mallory two nights but
they told me to go so I did. We had a good

We went to lunch and we were
keeping Mallory and Tate
entertained with the napkins.

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loving life with livie said...

malls looks so cute in that top pic.

sounds like you had fun. viva las vegas!