Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Trip 2008

We have gone to Cory's parent's cabin the last couple of years with my family to play in the snow. We usually go snowboarding while my mom watches all the kids at the cabin and that was the plan this year too, but we didn't end up snowboarding. Instead we just relaxed and played in the snow which was possibly even more fun and this is why:

(yes, that is a person laying under the sled)

There is a golf course basically in the back yard of the
cabin and there was a little snow ramp already built
up, but then Lance and Cory got a hold of it and...
(and yes that is my mom, awesome!)

We ALL had such a blast!

Well Mallory, not so much. Actually she went on the sled with Kalli and Hannah (not on the jump, just the hill). She had fun but I think the snow was exhausting for her because she fell asleep while going down the hill. It was so sweet. I carried her in, changed her clothes, and layed her down all without her waking up. She was a pretty tired girl.

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