Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving this year we had quite the interesting mix. We had our thanksgiving dinner at Hunt's Hideaway, Sheri Rogers' mom's restaurant. She invited the Rogers clan and then I found out that Cory's family wasn't going to do much because there weren't too many of them since Cory and I were going with my family so we invited them to the restaurant too. So It ended up being Judy(Sheri's mom), Katie (Sheri's sister), my mom and Gary, Kelly, Sheri and Olivia, Lisa and her fam, Clay and his fam, Tim and his fam, Cory, me and Mallory, Tom and Anne, Heather Wilson, Shawn, Terri and Tate. It turned out great and was a very good dinner. It was so awesome of Judy to host all those people. Later that night, the full Rogers clan came over to our house for pie and Mallory had so much fun with her cousins like always.

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